Through The Woods: Book Review

I have been away for quite some time now. Many changes in my atmosphere have deterred me from my posts but I’m excited to share that I have planned to stick to my 2017 Reading Challenge  and I have a review to share today!

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll


This graphic novel sent shivers down my spine, not the kind you rather enjoy.

I went through half of the stories and felt it would be better suited to finish in October for more of a thrill factor. This is the first graphic novel I’ve read since being a young girl and I am hooked!



Emily Carroll does a magnificent job with the illustrations and makes it difficult to pull away from these eerie shorts. The stories gave me a sense of the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tales. Anyone looking for a beautifully dark and creepy read should definitely pick this up.

Happy Reading!

x Steph


I Can Hear It All


New waves of sounds crash through my body. Awakening things that have been at rest for far too long. The world is new again and I smile. I turn the music up and dance like no one is watching. My body does things I’ve wanted it to do for a long time and it makes me feel more alive. Volumes of love, life, pleasure, excitement, prosperity, adventure, surround me and I welcome it all with arms wide open. These volumes of a beautiful life I will never turn down. I’m turning up the volume of gratitude. I am grateful for this life and all that has been presented to me. I am new, I am happy, and I am raising the volume to my success.








© Stephanie Cardozo and, 2017.

This Life

Every morning I wake up with my new eyes. These eyes that were blinded for some time, now awoken by realities that have challenged me in the deepest manner. I am grateful for the challenge. I know I’ve said it before but it’s something I must tell myself every single day I open these eyes and my heart continues to beat. I have to be grateful for such challenges because I feel that I am now living my truth. Things must happen in our lives that either make us or break us. But who makes that choice? The issue doesn’t, the world doesn’t, whoever may have caused this challenge in your life, if it wasn’t you, does not make the choice if it will make or break you. YOU make that choice. I realize that I can’t control what others do or what happens around me. What I do have full control of is what I do, what I decide, the person I will be in whatever situation, in my life. In having full control of my own actions and emotions, I have the power to deal with whatever comes my way. No matter how difficult the situation. I have allowed my authentic self to lie dormant for reasons I now see were quite silly. However, I have moved passed it. I know things happen for a reason and my purpose, my truth has been revealed to me by the only person with that power. ME! We don’t have to feel like this life is something we must Survive. This life is meant to be lived and we are the authors of our stories. If we don’t like it, rewrite it.


I Am In Love….

I am in love with this life. I could not say this before. For I was Evanescent, knowing but not really. My heart swells with emotion, with life. I think of time I have lost and I make vows to myself and the universe. Vows, affirmations, gratifications, that turn into manifestations. Signs I closed my mind to in the past, signs that are so clear to me now. It is never too late. It is never too late to have all that you want. To have all that I want. It’s a powerful thing, believing in something greater than myself. Something greater that is at work, for me and through me. Every breath is more precious than the last, every step, closer to all that is mine. I have a deeper sense of things and It’s a feeling I never want to leave my bones. Everything has a purpose, things happen to awaken things inside of us. At our most uncomfortable, we become more alive. We become warriors of our own heart, mind, spirit, and life.


Om Symbol with flower

Where Did The Time Go?


 Finding time and making time are two very different things. Stop trying to find time like it’s this lost item at the bottom of your drawer.

 This is something I have been telling myself lately. I am guilty of letting time pass me by and continuously saying, “I just don’t have enough time do the things I want to do.”

The reality of it is, I simply wasn’t trying to make the time. After all, time is already there, it’s already ours, we just need to use it wisely. Even if that means giving ourselves a little bit of work. I have made so much time available to me, time that has always been there but I was taking for granted. I have made a vow to myself, something I have not done with this much intensity. Like a bear in hibernation, this part of me was asleep, idle, for so very long. I vow to do the work that needs to be done, not just for my family, but for myself. It all starts with yourself, after all. And so, I will no longer float Adrift like a lost boat paddle in the middle of the sea. The story of my life is much greater than that. I am much greater than that.


I feel so amazing after this practice! I really felt the burn in my core! I had a great full body experience and it awakened endorphins that shot my mood up to the sky! I am so happy that I am getting back into a healthy routine. Not only for my body but most importantly for my mind. Lately, I have been working really hard on changing the way I think and in turn, how I feel. About myself and the life I want to live. Incorporating positive body movement is something I am no longer taking for granted. And so, I encourage my readers to try this practice to awaken all the positive energy within you! It will absolutely brighten your day!




I think a lot of people cringe at the word. What does it mean to have faith? Does it mean believing in God? Or simply believing in something that’s bigger than yourself? This is a conversation one of my Facebook friends brought up and I couldn’t have been more interested. Especially in this particular time in my life. After ditching Christianity many years back, I never really thought of the word “faith”. It seemed like believing in something that just wasn’t real, something I couldn’t see or touch, or figure out mathematically. However, after much thought and realization, I know I have faith in me. It’s something that’s always been there but I don’t think I truly understood it. Faith doesn’t have to mean you follow a deity, but if that is your choice, that’s cool too. I feel such a strong belief in the universe and the energy that surrounds us all. I believe that negative energy, negative thoughts, will manifest themselves into your reality if you allow it. Who wants that? But wait! If negative thoughts can manifest into reality, doesn’t that mean positive thoughts can too? Yes!! How do I know? I feel it surrounding me already. I know it might sound crazy and hey, I was a skeptic as well. But really believing, truly having faith in all the good the universe has to offer and that it already belongs to you, will bring you so much joy and peace of mind. I have set myself up for certain goals, a few of them during this summer and I have already claimed them as goals I have achieved. I am declaring it and so it shall be. Because by putting this affirming thought out into the universe, along with some hard work, it will fall right on my lap. This I feel wholeheartedly. I have such a deep faith in myself, my family, and the universe. Together, the world is ours. 💜 So,  how does one begin to manisfest what they want? Well, I like to write it down. I write it down daily and speak it out into existence. When a negative thought tries to cloud my mind, I push it out by redirecting it to positivity. Yes, this is all new to me but believing in it so deeply has assured me that I will come into abundance. Last night I fell asleep to peaceful meditation sounds as I thought of all the things coming my way and this sent me off into a drift with a smile and this morning I woke with that smile, along with a full heart 💜. 
I am so happy today and while every day is different and I know I will come across challenges, I know it’s nothing I can’t handle. 

Namaste x Steph