I think a lot of people cringe at the word. What does it mean to have faith? Does it mean believing in God? Or simply believing in something that’s bigger than yourself? This is a conversation one of my Facebook friends brought up and I couldn’t have been more interested. Especially in this particular time in my life. After ditching Christianity many years back, I never really thought of the word “faith”. It seemed like believing in something that just wasn’t real, something I couldn’t see or touch, or figure out mathematically. However, after much thought and realization, I know I have faith in me. It’s something that’s always been there but I don’t think I truly understood it. Faith doesn’t have to mean you follow a deity, but if that is your choice, that’s cool too. I feel such a strong belief in the universe and the energy that surrounds us all. I believe that negative energy, negative thoughts, will manifest themselves into your reality if you allow it. Who wants that? But wait! If negative thoughts can manifest into reality, doesn’t that mean positive thoughts can too? Yes!! How do I know? I feel it surrounding me already. I know it might sound crazy and hey, I was a skeptic as well. But really believing, truly having faith in all the good the universe has to offer and that it already belongs to you, will bring you so much joy and peace of mind. I have set myself up for certain goals, a few of them during this summer and I have already claimed them as goals I have achieved. I am declaring it and so it shall be. Because by putting this affirming thought out into the universe, along with some hard work, it will fall right on my lap. This I feel wholeheartedly. I have such a deep faith in myself, my family, and the universe. Together, the world is ours. 💜 So,  how does one begin to manisfest what they want? Well, I like to write it down. I write it down daily and speak it out into existence. When a negative thought tries to cloud my mind, I push it out by redirecting it to positivity. Yes, this is all new to me but believing in it so deeply has assured me that I will come into abundance. Last night I fell asleep to peaceful meditation sounds as I thought of all the things coming my way and this sent me off into a drift with a smile and this morning I woke with that smile, along with a full heart 💜. 
I am so happy today and while every day is different and I know I will come across challenges, I know it’s nothing I can’t handle. 

Namaste x Steph 


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